Monday, October 18, 2004

Bookworm's Burrow

Volumes I and II of an encyclopedia set stand side by side on a bookshelf in a library. A bookworm begins at page one of volume I and burrows straight through to the last page of volume II. Each cover is 1/8 inch thick, and each book (without the covers) is 2 inches thick. How far does the bookworm burrow?


Before solving the problem, you must first understand that in a library, books will be stacked in such a way that the leaves of the book do not point towards us. Instead, it is the binding portion, usually at the back of the book, that is what stares at us! If you take into account of this little but cautious observation you are likely to solve the puzzle. Finding the answer as 1/4 inch is child's play then. For any one who wants to see the actual position of the books lying in a library shelf, please click here:


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